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We are thrilled to announce our most recent project: a debut album presenting music by Haydn, Boccherini and Mozart! In early November we’ll be heading into the recording studios at Oktaven Audio to record the three string quartets. Join us in our journey by following our process on Instagram and Facebook (@quartetsalonnieres), watching our Musicivic Musicast performances (links for concerts down below) and donating to the album! 

Boccherini (1743 Lucca, Italy - 1805 Madrid, Spain) 

Luigi Boccherini's music is full of life and tickles the senses through it's imagery, energy and perfumed quality. Considered one of the founding father's of the string quartet instrumental genre, Boccherini's Italian and Spanish influences spread throughout Europe inspiring many of his contemporaries to invitingly imitate his style. He plays with texture and atmosphere that draws the listener to a whole new world, whether it be a joyous, bubbly occasion or tender, delicate song from the heart. 

"Boccherini's textural, lineless music offers many such passages that invite the listener to suppose something barely announced." ~ Elizabeth Le Guin

Mozart (1756 Prince-Archbishopic of Salzburg - 1791 Vienna, Austria)

The name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is perhaps the most recognizable name from Classical Period of music. Exploring Mozart's music in a historical context, on instruments modelled from the time he was alive, playing on gut strings and using first edition publications of the musical parts, we hope to bring new shapes to the phrases of the music and new colours to the textures and musical lines that speak to our souls. 

Haydn (1732 Rohrau, Austria - 1809 Vienna, Austria)

Joseph Haydn's ingenuity in compositions for the string quartet has brought out and featured the exquisite and harmonious qualities of each instrumental role. The first violin leads with a bright and robust sound, the second violin takes charge in fast passages and warm harmonies, the viola lines pierce through the texture with amorous melodies, and the cello glows with deep sonorous virtuosity. All the while the constant thread through the music keeps the instruments in conversation.

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